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Speaking at DurgFOSS and FOSSASIA 2023

Since COVID, it has been a while since I gave in-person talks, even if the event is happening locally. I was looking for events covering FOSS or Android to kick things off this year, as my prior work experience is among those domains. Luckily, I noticed that DurgFOSS was being organized in my city with the help of FOSS United (an organization promoting FOSS in India). This event was an excellent opportunity to share what I have been working on in past years and help the community locally.

I filled out their CFP around February and was accepted soon after that. My talk’s topic was Diving into Android Enterprise APIs with CalyxOS, in which I aimed to share information not only on what is Android Enterprise APIs but also on how we are using them at CalyxOS to allow users to deploy and manage Work Profiles easily at their fingertips. I have uploaded slides of the talk here in case someone wishes to see them.

DurgFOSS 2023 A group photo of attendees, speakers and organizers of DurgFOSS 2023

Another event for which I filled CFP is FOSSASIA, which is happening this year at Lifelong Learning Institute, Singapore, from the 13th-15th of this month. I filled the CFP with one of my colleagues from CalyxOS to give a talk on Implementing Configurable Device Security with Security Levels (session). In addition, we will also be hosting a booth for Calyx Institute that can be found here. I have uploaded slides of talk here.

DurgFOSS 2023 Answering questions after our talk at FOSSASIA 2023

Speaking at events/conferences again after such a long time is quite a great experience. I especially enjoy it as it lets you meet like-minded people showcasing the cool things they have been doing with tech recently. I hope to speak at a couple more events later this year.


  • 17/05/2023: Cover photo changed to FOSSASIA 2023 moving DurgFOSS 2023 moved below. Additionally linked FOSSASIA 2023’s talk slides.
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