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Leaving E FOUNDATION; Joining Calyx Institute

This past month I had many significant changes in my professional and personal life. The biggest one among those is that I left E FOUNDATION at the end of August, where I worked as an external contractor. This move was because I was finding less time to adjust to my personal goals in the coming year. However, my experience at the E FOUNDATION was pretty great. I got the opportunity to work on some exciting projects, such as preparing the base for App Lounge (a complete app store offering Android apps from multiple sources), Browser (a web browser based on Bromite/Chromium), and lastly, a new device recently launched named “Murena One.”

As we advance, since this month, I have joined Calyx Institute as an Independent Contractor for the long term, where my main goal will be developing and contributing bug fixes and new features for Android applications and frameworks. Accepting this new contract works quite well with my personal goals as Calyx Institute actively contributes back to FOSS projects I have been working on voluntarily over the past few years, such as LineageOS, Etar Calendar, and Aurora Store. In fact, I have already contributed significant changes to the projects in the past few months.

Considering several FOSS and commercial projects are using these projects (LineageOS, Etar, Aurora Store, etc.), my work at Calyx Institute will benefit them.

In other news, I was also sent a unit of AGM Mobile H2 Pro last month by AGM Mobile for an in-depth review. I am aiming to publish this soon in the coming weeks. I am grateful to them for sending me this device.

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