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Hi! I am Aayush Gupta, and this is my website. I am a self-taught Android developer, currently working as an independent contractor. I also speak regularly at conferences and meetups regarding the Android-related stuff I usually work on. I generally play games on my Steam Deck or ROG laptop during my free time. I am also learning Japanese (currently at N5 level), the progress of which is slow but is something I enjoy.

Please find my work/speaker/community-related things below. If something needs to be added/outdated, or you have any questions, please contact me.

Active Projects

As an active freelancer and independent contractor, I have worked on many Android-related projects during my last few years. Some of the projects that I currently work on professionally as well as voluntarily are (only public ones):

  • ReLabs: ReLabs is an unofficial, FOSS client for XDA (a.k.a XDA Developers) written in Kotlin and JetPack Compose and is licensed under Apache2.0.

  • Panic: Panic is an app that allows users to uninstall selected apps & run certain actions when a system-wide panic intent is triggered. It leverages the Guardian Project’s PanicKit library for working with panic and related intents.

  • Aurora Store: Aurora Store is an unofficial FOSS client to Google’s Play Store with an elegant design. Not only does Aurora Store download, update, and search for apps like the Play Store, but it also empowers the user with new features.

  • SystemUpdater: SystemUpdater is an updater app based on the sample application provided by AOSP. It is supposed to be used by CalyxOS to provide OTA to production devices soon.

  • Bellis: Bellis is a work profile owner application allowing users to create and manage new work profiles easily. It was initially based on the sample applications provided by Google but has been completely rewritten in Kotlin and Material3 themes.

A complete list of active/in-active projects can be found on my LinkedIn.

My work has been featured from time to time on various websites. Below are some of them:

I have also contributed some articles to Google Dev Library.


I am an active speaker at meetups and conferences related to FOSS or Android, though I have a terrible history of saving them. Below are the talks that I have given in 2023 (till 27-04-2023):

Bio (Speaker)

Aayush Gupta (he/him), Android Developer and Developer Relations, is a self-taught developer, working on FOSS and various communities, prominently XDA Developers, for the past few years. He holds multiple titles in numerous communities, both personal and professional. Working remotely from Bhilai, India, he actively contributes to developing Android-related projects.